Classic Crown

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Discover our multicolored wreath, a vibrant and unique creation that represents the radiance of memories shared with your loved ones.

The multicolored wreath pictured is a 70cm.

For personalized creations, please contact us by phone, WhatsApp (+41 76 262 15 27 / +41 78 243 18 69) or e-mail (

CHF 355.00

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Creation composed of seasonal flowers
Foliage: Eucalyptus / Lentisque

The wreath pictured is a 70 cm.

The flowers are natural products and harvested at the last moment from our growers. Depending on weather conditions beyond our control, there may be some differences in variety.

This wreath is available in three sizes: 50 cm, 70 cm and 90 cm.

On request, we can produce custom-made creations. You can contact us by phone, WhatsApp (+41 76 262 15 27 / +41 78 243 18 69) or e-mail (

We guarantee on-time delivery anywhere in Switzerland.

Minimum order 48 hours in advance. For requests less than 48 hours in advance, please contact us directly.

You can add a personalized ribbon to your heart to communicate a unique message.

Our customer testimonials on over 3,500 bouquets delivered in Switzerland


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