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For All Saints' Day, schedule your flower delivery now via our calendar!

honor your loved ones with our beautiful bouquets of flowers. Fromtraditional chrysanthemums to seasonal flower bouquets, we have something for every memorial service.

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Whether you're in Geneva, Zurich, or anywhere else in Switzerland, we guarantee fast and efficient delivery of flowers for All Saints' Day. Order now and leave the rest to us. We'll make sure your bouquet arrives in time to pay tribute to your loved ones.

Flower delivery to your grave

It can be difficult to pay tribute to your loved ones on All Saints Day if you can't get to the cemetery.

That's why we offer a flower delivery service to your grave.

We also offer a series of flower bouquets for delivery.


How to choose your flowers for All Saints' Day?

Choosing flowers for All Saints Day depends on your personal preferences and those of your loved ones.

Chrysanthemums are traditionally associated with All Saints' Day and are often used in memorial ceremonies.

However, you can also choose from a range of Toussaint flower bouquets prepared by our florists for a more personalized tribute.

Flower delivery to Toussaint

List of flowers that can be given on All Saints' Day

In addition to chrysanthemums, there are a variety of flowers you can give for All Saints Day.

  1. Chrysanthemum: This is the flower most traditionally associated with All Saints' Day in France. It is appreciated for its resistance to cold and its long flowering time.
  2. Cyclamen: Another popular option for All Saints' Day, these flowers can withstand cool autumn temperatures and add a splash of color.
  3. Pansy: Cold-hardy, pansies are often planted in autumn to flower over winter. They are therefore an appropriate option for All Saints' Day.
  4. Heather: This plant blooms throughout the autumn and winter months, making it a popular choice for All Saints' Day.
  5. Calluna: Also known as autumn heather, this hardy plant blooms in autumn and winter.
  6. Dahlia: Although this flower is more delicate and needs to be protected from frost, it can be a great option for All Saints' Day if the weather is still mild.
  7. Hyacinth: This flower can also be an option, although it is more commonly associated with spring.
  8. Aster: These flowers, which bloom until late autumn, can also be an option for All Saints' Day.

We offer a selection of All Saints Day flowers from the simple to the elaborate, each with its name, relevance and increasing price to make your choice easier. Whether you want a bouquet of flowers for All Saints Day or a delivery of mums to the cemetery, our florists are here to help.

Order now to ensure on-time delivery for All Saints Day. Our All Saints' Day flowers, carefully prepared by professional florists, are ready for delivery to pay tribute to your loved ones.

Useful information about our conditions and the delivery of our flowers on All Saints' Day

Useful information about our conditions and the delivery of our flowers on All Saints' Day

  1. Pre-order lead time: To guarantee the availability and freshness of your All Saints' Day flower bouquets, including our pompon and cyclamen chrysanthemums, we strongly recommend that you plan your All Saints' Day flower delivery in advance. Pre-orders for All Saints' Day are recommended two weeks in advance, but we also welcome last-minute orders within the limits of our daily deliveries.
  2. Delivery: Our florists deliver flowers to the cemetery for All Saints' Day, guaranteeing that the graves will be well cared for. Be sure to give us all the necessary information concerning the place of burial for a smooth delivery. We cannot be held responsible for delays or impossibility of delivery due to incorrect information.
  3. Delivery costs: Costs vary according to the delivery cemetery. These costs will be specified when you confirm your order.
  4. Flower quality: Our florists meticulously select each flower to compose your All Saints' Day bouquets. From traditional chrysanthemums to heathers and pansies, not forgetting kalanchoe and cypress, our floral arrangements are created with the greatest care. Please note, however, that each bouquet is unique and may differ slightly from the photos shown on our website.
  5. Return policy: Due to the perishable nature of flowers, we cannot accept returns. However, if you encounter a quality problem, we invite you to contact us within 24 hours of delivery.
  6. Payment methods: We accept several payment methods for your Toussaint flowers order: credit card and Twint. All transactions are secure.
  7. Flower selection: Our bouquets for All Saints' Day come in a variety of arrangements, from white to pink to red. Our selection of flowers for All Saints' Day is presented with relevance, name and increasing price to facilitate your choice.

Anticipate the delivery of your flowers for All Saints' Day and make sure your floral tributes arrive in time for this day of remembrance. Our florists are at your service to help you pay a fitting floral tribute to your loved ones.


Flower delivery to Toussaint

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